Carrington’s Family of Companies

family-of-companiesConvincing someone to do business with you can be a challenging effort in today’s real estate market. Nearly every brokerage and company offers special services and tools that benefit their clients, but those have essentially become the norm. Every home buyer and seller sees these items on a day-to-day basis. To truly win them over and provide our agents quality business, Carrington offers new agents a family of businesses to use as their marketing tools.

From our in-house mortgage lending company to our own escrow and title services, every tool at your disposal remains with you and you only. Normally, you would have to recommend services to preferred lenders and other businesses outside of the company, but with Carrington, they become a client’s one stop shop to completing their real estate transaction.

No longer do you have to sell them on what you offer. Now you can sell them on what Carrington offers!

Carrington’s Services vs Other Competitors

Carrington Benefits

The Carrington Family

With every detail as a deciding factor, it’s important to show home buyers and sellers what tools you have at your disposal. Show clients they don’t need to hop around from agent to lender to inspector. Save them time and cut out the hassle of closing real estate deals. Become a trusted source of real estate and show them what each Carrington company offers:

  • Carrington Mortgage Lending & Services
    Provide home buyers and homeowners another trusted source they can use to close their real estate deal. Carrington Mortgage Services strives to meet each borrower’s specific needs with a variety of loan programs. Help them find the right loan for their needs.
  • Carrington Escrow
    As specialists in escrow services, Carrington Escrow can help manage home purchases, short sale transactions, and refinance closings. From their website, clients can use helpful tools to track their progress and access documents in real time.
  • Carrington Title Services
    Get title and settlement solutions on a national basis from Carrington’s Title Services. They can help manage real estate transactions, provide insight into today’s market, and offer a Natural Hazard Disclosure report.
  • Carrington Property Services
    Carrington Property Services helps homeowners maximize their properties value and obtain strong return values for their investment. Properties they help manage include real estate owned properties and single-family residences.
  • Carrington Home Solutions
    From regular maintenance to rehabilitation and restoration, Carrington Home Solutions helps homeowners fix up their property and achieve maximum value for their investment. It’s a quick service you can recommend to any client in need of home repair.
  • Carrington Capital Management
    For investors, you can recommend the tools Carrington Capital Management has set up for those looking to begin investing in U.S. real estate and the mortgage markets. Because of their partnership with Carrington Mortgage Services and Property Management, CCM has a unique perspective on the market.

Leverage Our Company. Grow Your Business.

With each branch of the Carrington family at your fingertip, you have a unique selling point that places you at the center of business. Buyers, sellers, and investors will turn to you as their go-to representative for all things real estate — and that means better business for you.