Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate Changes Name to Carrington Real Estate Services

Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate, LLC today announced the changing of its name to Carrington Real Estate Services, LLC, highlighting its connection to parent company, Carrington Holding Company, LLC, and the entire Carrington Family of Companies covering virtually every aspect of single family residential real estate transactions. This unique ability to provide direct access to resources such as loan origination and servicing, asset management and property preservation, rental services, and title and escrow services elevates the national brokerage’s value proposition among consumers as it allows them to work with a single organization to buy, sell, close, finance, rent, maintain and repair properties.

Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate’s name change is part of a larger initiative by Carrington Holding Company to bring all business units within the Carrington Family of Companies under the Carrington umbrella, empowering each of these companies to more effectively leverage the brand and capitalize on the full continuum of services offered by the various business units. The company’s management, personnel, ongoing business operations and principal executive offices remain the same.

“We’re excited about changing the company’s name to Carrington Real Estate Services, and about what this rebranding represents,” said Carrington Holding Company Chief Real Estate Officer Steve Ozonian. “No other real estate brokerage is part of a company that covers every aspect of the residential real estate market. This puts Carrington – and the clients we serve – in a position of competitive advantage. With that in mind, we’re changing Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate’s name to Carrington Real Estate Services to remind consumers of our ability to do more – highlighting the power behind the Carrington brand.”

Carrington Real Estate Services has a presence in many of the nation’s key markets and has 33 offices across the U.S. The company currently is licensed to operate in 25 states and the District of Columbia and plans to continue its expansion in a controlled, strategic manner, remaining focused on providing superior client service to a diverse customer base – from institutional investors and financial institutions to individuals looking to buy their first home – through agents who are highly attuned to local market dynamics. New markets planned for 2013 include Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Colorado and Washington.

“We’re proud of the rapid growth we’ve been able to achieve over the past four years and of the reputation our highly trained agents have among consumers for being able to deliver, even in some of the nation’s most challenging markets,” said Carrington Real Estate Services President Steve DiUbaldo. “As we work toward meeting the changing needs of buyers and sellers in the markets we serve, it just seems like good business to empower our agents to leverage yet another of our assets – one of the fastest-growing and most-respected brands in the industry.”

For more information, contact your local Carrington Real Estate Services professional.